Have you ever thought about being a Real Estate Agent?   Wonder what it would be like to drive around in a fancy car looking at houses?   Ever think about all the money you could make…thousands and thousands of dollars a couple times a week…just for selling a house.  Sounds like a dream job! Whoa!  Reality check time.  Realtors® are a hard-working group of people.   Whether buying of selling, their job is to ensure the process is as easy and hassle free for you as possible.  

Shopfredericton asked Realtor® Amanda Wade why it is important to have a Realtor®.  “The importance of having a Realtor when buying or selling is immense.  A Realtor brings education and experience that has been gained by years of working in the field.  Knowledge of neighbourhoods, demographics and comparable sales.  We guide on price and offer strong negotiating skills.  Often times, buyers and sellers will get emotionally involved and we are there to support and maintain the best outcome.  We offer our professional network involving the best people providing a variety of services necessary to facilitate the sale.”

In order to do their job and do it well, a Realtor® must be a member in good standing with The Canadian Real Estate Association, they must be committed to the Realtor® Code – which is the buyer or seller’s guarantee of professionalism along with quality service.  To be successful, a Realtor® needs to keep up to date about the “goings on” in various communities – pricing, development, housing trends and the market conditions.  That’s not all!  Realtors® are committed to on-going education through courses and workshops to keep current with changes to real estate.

But Realtors® don’t only sell houses.  They are active members of our community…working to make our communities better.  Jason Munn is a prime example of this.  We recently caught up with Jason to find out more about his new initiative “It’s OK to be AWSOME” and this is what he told us… “It’s OK to be Awesome is a new and innovative mental wellness program that coaches young people to create empowering beliefs about themselves. It’s been proven to help youth develop their confidence and recognize their worth, which leads to empowered choices!

I was approached by the founders, Rebecca and Anne who explained that having a sponsor such as myself helps to fund this what I believe to be a very worthwhile cause. When I first learned of this program, I thought, yes, I love it and it is my chance to give back to the community. If it wasn’t for the support of the community, I wouldn’t be in business! Every child deserves to know their self worth and the It’s OK to be awesome program does that.”

Another Realtor® working hard in our community is Wendy Hallihan.  Wendy is a driving force and fierce protector of animals.  She supports the Oromocto and Fredericton SPCA, the Carleton County Animal Society and Dun Roamin’ Stray and Rescue.  For the pat 6 years, Wendy has been raising funds to help support these animal shelters.  She tells us she “loves animals and loves to help them”.  She and a group of animal advocates have worked hard to provide a “voice” for injured and abused animals.  Wendy and the other stakeholders are responsible for the passing of the anti-tethering law.  They have been advocates in court cases because they are the only voice the animals have.  

Wendy and Jason are just two of many Realtors® who volunteer their time and resources to make our communities better. So, if you’re looking to buy or sell, contact a Realtor®. Your prospective home may look pretty, when in actuality it is falling down.  Think of your Realtor® as the foundation of your transaction!